Unfortunately, it is sometimes not possible to continue to live with your feathered friend. This could happen for many reasons and there is no need to go into them here.

  We don't judge people in this situation, and the future happiness of the bird is our only concern. When you give up your bird, we ask you what you would like to happen to it, some live happily in an outdoor aviary with other birds, others can sometimes be rehomed, but rest assured that your parrot will never be rehomed without your permission, and will never be sold to anyone else.

  Although we are able to house quite a few birds, we do not have unlimited space available and can only accept greys. The reason for this is simple, these are the birds we know and feel confident with, and we do not take in more birds than we can comfortably care for.

  If you have another type of parrot that you need to rehome, please contact us or check the LINKS page.

  For more rescue information, please call us on 01522 820417 (24 Hour - answer machine) 07754829375 (mobile) or send an email to

  I know we said this on the home page but for those people who didn't see it, ** We already have more than enough prospective homes for the few birds that can be rehomed each year, and rescued birds are NEVER SOLD, so please don't e-mail us asking. **


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