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With any bird, if it has to be kept in a cage, make sure it is as big as possible. It is also a legal requirement in the UK that there must be enough room for it to spread out its wings. I would suggest that a grey has a cage at least 4' x 3' x 2' but if you are able to supply a bigger one, that would be great.

The bird should not be able to put its head through the bars, so 1" spacing should be OK for greys, although some timneh greys might need 3/4" spacing. It is also better if the bars are horizontally aligned as this allows the bird to climb up the cage better. Make sure there are different sized perches in the cage, and also perches made of different materials. Don't use slippery or very smooth wood as this could frighten your parrot. You will also need to think about where the cage is to be placed. It does not want to be directly in the sun, or in front of a fire, or in a draught.

In it's cage I am sure it would like some toys to keep it entertained and happy when you have other things to do, so just make sure they are the correct size for a grey when you buy them. Most pet stores now have a large selection of parrot toys so there is no excuse for not having some !

No matter how large the cage is, you need to have your parrot out of it as much as possible. It would be beneficial therefore if you had a perch and even feed pots on the outside of the cage as well, something that is catered for on the larger cages where the top opens up with a perch, or has a perch, bowls and a tray situated on the top of it.


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