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The National Parrot Ring Database

We often get calls from people who have found a bird, asking where they can get details of ring numbers from so the bird can be returned to its owner, and as far as we know, they couldn't .............. until now !

We have set up a new service that is very simple, and free. If you have lost, found, or even just want to register your bird, nomatter what type of parrot it is, just fill in the form by clicking on the button below, and the information will be entered into the database.

Hopefully this will allow us to match up lost birds with their owners.




The New Indoor Winter Quarters

Well as you can see we have started to build the new indoor quarters for this winter !

It's an 8 foot cube so we should be able to get a few perches in.




New Boarding Service now available
  Going away on holiday and worried if your bird is going to be looked after correctly by a neighbour ?, well now you can soak up the sun and relax ! We are offering a boarding service for all types of parrot, so you can rest assured that your little darling will be getting the best of care while you are away. Contact us for more information.


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