This is where you can see some the arrivals that we have had.

Cassie - October 07

Cassie came to live with us with Perkins, and at the moment they share a house with Henry and Jasper. Always the first in line when any food is being served !

Perkins - October 07

Came to us with Cassie. Perkins doesn't like a lot of attention but enjoys having his head rubbed when he's in the mood.

Coco - 24/08/07

Friendly little 18 year old girl.

As you can see, she has a collar on to stop her mutilating her right wing, which she has done in the past.

Update Dec 07 - Coco is doing well, she is getting used to the other birds, but still enjoys trying to feed me by pushing seed up my nose !



Jimmy - 21/05/07

One of the few birds we know is Male !

Gets on well with the other birds and has made a special friend of Apollo.

Update Dec 07 - Lives with Apollo and is getting on very well.


Jasper - 03/03/07 - 17 Years old.

Sadly he lost his Mum recently so he has to come live with us now.

Update 01/09/07 - After a couple of months using me as a chew stick, he now loves me !

Update Dec 07 - Still very friendly with me but won't let anyone else handle him.


Samantha - 01/03/07 - Our oldest lady at the moment at 30.

Was called Sam until she laid over 20 eggs ! Seems to have found true love with Benny.

Update Dec 07 - Sammy likes nothing more in life than to sit with Benny and eat banana chips.


Nellie - 06/02/07 - 14 Years old and likes spaghetti !
She also used to live just down the road from Apollo

Update 01/09/07 - Nellie now lives in the aviery and sits with Jasmine and Perla most of the time.

Update Dec 07 - Nothing much changes with Nellie. She still takes food from me every morning, and enjoys the company of Jasmine and Pearla.


Stephen - 30/01/07 - Errrr.... Not very tame to say the least !

In fact he's as wild as they come, but seems quite happy with the other birds.

Update Dec 07 - Together with Squeeky, Stephen now lives at the National Parrot Sanctuary where he can fly free with their large flock of greys. Some birds need to be in a larger flock and Stephen was one of them.


Apollo - 19/01/07 - Was the mascot for 27 years of a London shop which has recently closed. His owner wanted him to have a happy retirement with other birds so here he is !

UPDATE May 2007. Now living out in the big wide world with the other birds, as you can see.

Update Dec 07 - Apollo is living inside for the Winter months and shares a home with Jimmy. They get on very well together and are happiest when left alone !


Cracker - 06/01/07 - Sadly his owner died recently so we were asked to look after him. Yes he is an Umbrella Cockatoo but does look Grey if you catch him in the right light.

Update Dec 07 - Earlier in the year we managed to find a new home for Cracker where he is doing well and gets his own way.


Henry (etta !) - 12/06 - 18 years old and has started laying eggs.

Her unfortunate owner was another victim of the dust the birds produce

Update Dec 07 - If she hears a bag being opened she will shout that she wants one, nomatter what it is ! Henry gets on well with the other birds she lives with and even comes for a stroke now and again.


Archie - 01/11/06 -Another bird that was giving one of his owners health problems, and doesn't like cardboard boxes !

Update Dec 07 - Lives in the aviary with the other birds and is doing well.

Benny- 27/10/06 Didn't get along with his owners and their other birds. Update 03/03 - has found a new friend in Samantha.

Update Dec 07 - Benny now lives with Samantha, and they get on very well together

Jasmine - 07/09/06 Another little girl called Jasmine ! Her owner thought that as he was leaving her on her own more, she would be better with our other birds.

Update Nov 06 - Quite happy to sit on me all day long and will whisper things in my ear. Also likes pushing Lucy off her swing and generally taking over.

Update Dec 07 - Still likes to sit on that swing, but has made Lucy her special friend.

Squeeky- 29/07/06 Was sold as a tame bird to a couple who soon found out she wasn't. We call her Squeeky because, well, she squeeks !

Update Nov 06 - She also screeches, growls now whenever anyone gets within 10 feet of her. Gets on well with Pearla and Jasmine though and often sits with them.

Update Dec 07 - Due to her need to live in a large flock of birds, Squeeky now lives at the National Parrot Sanctuary, where she is getting on fine.

Pearla- 26/07/06 13 years old. Pearla and Jasmins owners were not able to take them overseas with them

Update Nov 06 - Sits together with Jasmine 2 on a swing for most of the day. Doesn't like to be handled but will come near and whistle with you.

Update Dec 07 - Pearla will sometimes tolerate being fed by hand, but likes to keep her distance.

Jasmin 2 - 26/07/06 Came to us with Pearla. 7 years old and tail feathers growing back after plucking them.

Update Nov 06 - Sits on my shoulder whistling every morning while I feed the birds and will do anything for a peanut. Still doesn't have a full tail though.

Update Dec 07 - Every time I go in the aviary she is the first one to come and say hello. Always sits with Perla and Nellie.

Oscar - 16/06/06

Sadly Oscar died in December from what the vet thinks was a brain tumor. Although he was only boarding with us while his owners were away, he was a friendly little chap and we miss him.

MEEKO - 13/06/06 Meeko was found last year in Derbyshire after obviously escaping from somewhere. He has a numbered split ring on his leg, so if you think he might be your bird, let us know the ring number !

Update Nov 06 - Lovely healthy bird but only likes people from a distance.

Update Dec 07 - No change really, Meeko is enjoying aviary life.

CAPTAIN - 19/05/06 Another boy who has been pulling a few feathers out. He likes sitting on his perch and is 23 years old.

Update Nov 06 - Has all his feathers back again now, and is in love with George.

Update Dec 07 - Still in love with George, but likes to sit on me for a stroke now and again.

JESTER - 13/05/06 Jester is only 2 but due to a baby in the house she has pulled her tail out. A lot of humans do that with their hair ! Val says she looks like a Dodo now.

Update Nov 06 - STILL doesnt have a tail, but lets it grow a little longer each time ! Likes to go out in the car with me and sits on my knee.

Update Dec 07 - A big change in Jester this year, she still has no tail of course but now I am the only person she will let handle or even touch her, and she will actually run after other people to bite them !.. Just part of her maturing into an adult bird.

SIDNEY - 01/05/06 Sidney is nearly 11 years old, unfortunetly due to a medical problem his owner couldn't cope with the dust he produces. He's also been plucking a few feathers.

Update Nov 06 - Sidneys feathers have all grown back now and he shares a house with Oscar and Jasmine. Still doesn't think much of me but will sit with his beak under Vals chin all night.

Update Dec 07 - Sid now lives with Lucy, Jester and Jasmine and is getting along fine. Still likes ringing his bell !

LUCY - 21/01/06 Lucys owners found it difficult to give her the attention she needed due to a new addition to their human family !

Update Nov 06 - All Lucy wants his her swing in the window, and is quite content if she can sit there all day.

Update 07 - Lucy has found a friend in Jasmine and sit preening and feeding each other.

GEORGE - 30/11/05 Georges owner found that he has to spend more time away at work, so asked us to give George a home before he got lonely. He's just finished helping Val eat some chips !

Update Nov 06 - Although George likes talking to us and will tolerate us handling him, he prefers Captain and is often seen acting like a huge cuckoo while Captain feeds him.

Update Dec 07 - George and Captain are still a couple and now live in an indoor flight on their own. He doesn't get on well with other birds except Captain.

DICK - 02/12/05 One of a bonded pair of birds, but the female died last year. As you would expect he's not tame and will spend the rest of his life with the other birds.

Update Nov 06. - Dick and Bo are now the best of friends but dislike any of the other birds so share a home on their own.

Update Dec 07 - Since the summer Dick has been living in the main aviary and is getting on well in there.


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