Yes we made the name up ! but donations or sponsorship, everything is most welcome.

  Some people think that there is a wonderful fund somewhere that pays for all animal welfare, and we get everything we need to look after an unlimited number of birds.


Sadly of course this is not the case, and we in fact get NOTHING at all towards the birds welfare and upkeep, except for donations from visitors to this site.


In 2007 we had a total of 230 pounds in donations, all of which helped to feed the greedy parrots ! Thankyou.

  OK, Val and I do this by choice, and if we never get another donation, the birds will still be looked after in the best possible way, but your donations will enable us to provide better facilities for the birds we have, and rescue more of them.

If you would like to make a donation to us, please click on the paypal logo below.

  And of course if you have an old farm or smallholding with a couple of acres you no longer require .................. just let us know.


  Another way you can help us to help the birds is via sponsorship.

  This couldn't be easier, just choose which of the birds you would like to sponsor, and for just 20 you will receive a photograph of your new friend, and a quarterly newsletter with an update of how he/she is getting on.



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